2007 – Present Mustang Tranzilla Magnum

2007 – Present Tranzilla Muscle Car Magnum

A huge shortcoming of the GT500TREMEC T-6060 transmissions is the ratios Ford selected to optimize its 0-60mph times. These ratios bog the engine on the 1-2 shift and reduce shift quality. RSG has upgraded these transmissions to T- 6060 Magnum Tranzilla specs with Magnum gears, shafts and a variety of available ratios. Rated for 850 Lb/Ft of torque, these transmissions ensure better performance, increased reliability and provide crisp, smooth shifts.



  • 850Lb/Ft Torque Capacity
  • Magnum Shafts & Gears
  • Triple Cone Synchros
  • Carbon Fiber Synchros
  • 5 Ratios Available